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Client Issue: General Well-Being
    Jim is a great massage person and is much more besides. He always asks what's going on with my body and then he brings a lot of attention and care to those areas. If my neck has been bothering me we'll work there until there's a substantial improvement. He is always very accommodating.... gentle if needed, or as deep as you can stand. Your choice. I never feel that he is put out by any request whatsoever. He has the relationship right, he knows that he's there for you. Jim is also very generous with his time. I never feel rushed, indeed, I feel greatly cared for and the time I spend with him enhances my experience of the world. As the body relaxes I find my thoughts becoming more calm as well, a smile comes easily to me and remains with me for a long time after. I give Jim my highest recommendation. Regular massages with him have changed my life. Thanks Jim!

Michael Telle
Vagabond Recording
Fairfax, CA

Client Issue: Back Spasms, Unresolved Neck and Knee Injuries
    Jim Thurmond is highly professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, and skilled in his field of Transformational Bodywork. I frequently recommend Jim to my friends who have injuries or medical conditions that may respond to therapeutic deep tissue massage. His treatments provided me with immediate relief and recovery from periodic back spasms. He has eliminated my neck stiffness aggravated by a car accident, and he has relieved ongoing knee pain I had from a ski injury. 
    I especially appreciate that Jim explains what I can do following the session to prevent further injury or discomfort, and shows me exercises that are helpful. As a result of the sessions with Jim, I experience reduced stress and improved physical well being. 

Blanche Korfmacher 
Behavioral Health Services Consultant
San Francisco, CA

Client Issue: Hip Pain
    For a number of months I was having some discomfort in my hip. The range of motion was limited and I couldn't sit for any length of time without feeling some pain. I went to two massage therapists, two acupuncturists as well as two chiropractors without any noticeable relief.
    Then Jim did his magic bodywork on me. Immediately my hip felt looser, more range of motion and less pain. With each session, my body felt better. His knowledge of the body and its mechanics is extensive. He seems to know exactly where to work to alleviate the pain and maximize well-being.
    After only a few sessions with Jim my body felt 95% better. Working with Jim has shown me that if something hurts in my body he will find a way to help me feel better. I am so grateful that he does the work that he does. It's unique, effective and has long lasting results. Thank you, Jim.

Kathy Jacobson
Integrated Life Counseling
San Francisco, CA

Client Issue: Patellar Tendonitis
    I've been seeing a top PT and orthopedic surgeon for patellar tendonitis.  Neither  were able to figure out the cause or get me relief for the symptoms. Jim quickly diagnosed the problem, assigned a stretch, problem solved. 
    Because we belong to the same health club, I'm lucky to see Jim on a regular basis.  He's very helpful to many other members as well and shares his time and knowledge with everyone that asks. 
    He's quickly developing the reputation as the go to guy for minor injuries and aches and pains. We're extremely lucky to have him!

Jeff Ranta
Muni Electrician

 Client Issue: Sciatica
    20 years of back problems drove me to seek help from Jim Thurmond, who restored not only my health, but my faith in a body's ability to heal itself and stay young and fit.
    Jim is a miracle worker, though he would argue with such a description. He would likely say "people often just don't understand a body's capacity to heal itself."  That is what he told me when I saw him several years ago, after rupturing a disc. I had gone months with sciatica and limited range of movement as more or less constant companions. It seemed to me that I would now have to adjust to a new, older, wrecked me. He laughed at that and told me about the clients he had who were in their 80s and after years spent twisted and hobbled were now mobile and even spry. Within a couple of sessions, my pain was gone and within a few months, most of the range of movement was back. I could even dance again. I became a Jim acolyte. You can argue, Jim, but I still think you are the miracle man.

Wendy M.
San Francisco, CA

Client Issue: Sciatica, Unresolved Shoulder Injury
    Jim cured my sciatica and chronically bad left shoulder, which had been sore for several years. When my sciatica hit, I tried drugs, chiropractic, and acupuncture. None of them helped. A friend suggested I try Jim. I was skeptical. I mean I like massage, but had no experience with "bodywork." But I was in pain, so I figured what the hell. Jim made a bodywork believer out of me. He calls his style "transformational" and it has certainly transformed me. By the time he started working on me, I'd had bad sciatica for four months. At the end of the first session, I felt less pain. Three sessions later, the pain was gone--miraculous! After that, he started working on my bad shoulder. That took about six sessions. Now I see Jim monthly. I don't claim to be a connoisseur of bodywork styles, but Jim's feels like it's based on Swedish massage, that is, long strokes, but he goes deeper and isolates individual muscles to work on. He probes, but it's NOT painful, and if he hits a tender spot and you say something, he backs off immediately. Jim is also charming, with wonderful taste in music (jazz). Every month, I come away from 90 minutes with Jim feeling transformed. I bet you will, too.

Michael Castleman
Medical Writer
San Francisco, CA

Client Issue: Shoulder Pain
    I am a 66-year-old retiree from the medical industry. I now sing for a living and play golf for fun. In recent years I have been troubled by shoulder pain, which disturbs my sleep and affects my ability to sing my best and drive the golf ball as far as I might. On a recent visit to San Francisco I treated myself to an appointment with Jim Thurmond. Using deep-tissue massage, he managed to loosen up the muscles that were causing my pain. The immediacy and the amount of relief were unexpected, considering the bone spurs and cartilage damage recently found in the right shoulder. The doctors wanted to completely replace the joint. After some positive experiences with physical therapy, I thought that only long term, slow paced PT could do the job. Jim's expertise did the trick. Also he sent me home with exercises and stretches to maintain and improve the condition. In the time since, I have managed to sleep without pain (or drugs) and have added about 10 yards to my drive. Thanks Jim.

Tom Oberjat
Opera Singer

San Diego, CA

Client Issue: Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain
    I've gone to Jim for about 10 years and have found him to be exceptionally gifted at deep tissue work. He has relieved back, neck and shoulder pain for me. There have been several situations when I thought I was going to have to stop some physical activity due to ongoing discomfort, but Jim made it possible for me to return to the life I had. He's the best.

Dan Hubig
Graphic Designer
San Francisco, CA

Client Issue: Kyphosis, Upper Back and Neck Pain
    I came to see Jim for pain in my upper back and neck. Jim noticed I had excess curvature in my upper back that was causing my back muscles to work too hard to hold me up. Jim used a series of stretches and massage to get my posture upright again. That has permanently alleviated the pain in my upper back. Thank you Jim.

Louise Grant
Nursing Professor SFSU, ret.
San Francisco, CA

Client Issue: Scoliosis
    I have been working with Jim for several months now, and it is like a miracle. Not only is my lower back almost pain free for the first time in ten years, but my scoliosis is nowhere near as severe as it was — I am almost straight now. I am so happy I found him!

Alix Madrigal
Personal / Professional Assistant
Novato, CA

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