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Therapeutic Modalities

The Hendrickson Method®

Therapy that improves function, rather than just relieving symptoms
The Hendrickson Method® of orthopedic massage and manual therapy is an 
advanced method of assessment, massage, mobilization and neuromuscular 
reeducation techniques synthesized with Eastern energy practices. It is a 
system of functional rehabilitation that is extraordinarily effective in treating 
many types of orthopedic conditions, such as whiplash, rotator cuff injuries, hip 
and low back pain, while remaining profoundly gentle for both client 
and therapist.

The uniqueness of the Hendrickson Method® is that it not only realigns soft 
tissue, and unwinds tight muscles, tendons and ligaments but it also mobilizes 
the joints, hydrates cartilage and stimulates the synthesis of new cells. At the 
heart of this method is a technique called - Wave Mobilization® a completely 
new massage stroke that mimics an ocean wave. It has healing affects that 
penetrate deep within the body and creates long term effects far beyond 
what is normally possible with massage.

Named for its founder, Dr. Tom Hendrickson, D.C., the Hendrickson 
Method was developed from over 30 years of research and clinical practice. 
Dr. Hendrickson, after studying with his mentor Lauren Berry, the legendary 
healer, physical therapist and mechanical engineer, found a way to combine 
the astounding clinical effectiveness of Berry's method, with the flow, ease 
and healing depth of Eastern energy practices like Qigong and Tai Chi.

Superb clinical results for people in pain with a therapy that’s profoundly comfortable to receive and may be done fully clothed and without oil.

-Craig Harris
Hendrickson Method Instructor- 

Deep-Tissue Massage

Deep-tissue massage uses techniques to lengthen and restore the sub-layers of musculature and fascia to their natural length and suppleness. To be effective the pressure should not be deeper than what can be easily relaxed into. Otherwise the therapist is only fighting the protective nervous system of the client.  It helps with chronic stress and muscular pain and injury rehabilitation. Deeply relaxing and soothing it can be integrated with other massage techniques.


MET Muscle Energy Technique, aka neuromuscular reeducation technique

Muscle Energy Technique (MET) is a gentle manual therapy intervention that mobilizes joints and relaxes muscles using subtle muscle contractions to relax hypertonic tissue and mobilize joints through active participation of both the therapist and patient. MET is an excellent gentle therapy for acute injuries as well as chronic conditions.

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